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The first people who settled in what is now the Nashville TN real estate market were a group of Mississippian Indians who settled near what is now Nashville's downtown area in about 1400 BC. These people are known for constructing large and intricate mounds that were used for many purposes.Other people moved into the area after the Mississippians mysteriously disappeared. Some of these people included Cherokee, Chickasaw and Shawnee Indian tribes who used the area as hunting grounds.The first European settlers arrived in the Nashville area during the early 18th century. Most of these settlers were French-Canadian fur trappers whose Nashville TN homes were located near the banks of the Cumberland River and were used as summer homes and hunting lodges.These settlers were pushed out of the area by a group of North Carolina residents who established Fort Nashborough in 1779 near the banks of the Cumberland River. One of these settlers, Andrew Jackson, won fame during the War of 1812 for defeating British forces at the Battle of New Orleans. Nashville's population grew during the early 19th century after merchants established a thriving cotton trading center and a port near Nashville's downtown area. These industries played a vital role in Nashville's economy until the early 20th century.

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The demand for homes for sale in Nashville was revitalized during the 1920s after Nashville's music industry was established near Ryman Auditorium. Other industries were developed during the 20th century that were designed to complement this industry. Some of these industries include thriving health care, shipping and retail industries that still play a role in Nashville's economy. Nashville real estate is now located in a modern city that offers Nashville home buyers a diverse economy, a friendly atmosphere and great schools. These benefits make Nashville homes for sale a great value for home buyers who are interested in relocating to Nashville. Contact us today to find out more about real estate and single family homes for sale in Nashville TN!

For more information about the history of real estate in Nashville, please visit this website maintained by the Tennessee History for Kids Project.

Parks and Recreation

The Nashville Parks and Recreation Department offers more than 300 recreational facilities. Some of the most popular facilities include the Centennial Sportsplex, seven golf courses, more than 20 community centers and more than 50 parks.

The Nashville Parks and Recreation Department also offers more than 300 recreational activities that are open to all Nashville residents. Some of the most popular recreational activities include art classes, kayaking lessons and more than 15 recreational sports.

Local Attractions

Nashville properties are located near more than 300 fun attractions. Some of the more interesting attractions include Greer Stadium, the Hermitage Museum, the Tennessee Performing Arts Center and the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum.


Nashville is home to more than 200 events that take place near a Nashville realtor or real estate agent who can help you find a great home. Some of these events include the Country Music Association Music Festival, the Music City Bowl Football Classic and the Sevier Park Fest. For more information about other Nashville-area events, please visit this website maintained by the Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee.

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